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Truth About Commissions

When you buy a home, your real estate agent earns 3% of the final price. But should your agent earn a fee this large when you do part of the legwork, such as finding a home yourself?

Agents Bid For Your Business

Sign up at Jason's House and our real estate agents will compete for your business.  Based on the service you need, local agents will offer to share a percentage of their commission to earn your business.

You Save Thousands Of Dollars

We match you with pre-screened agents that want your business.  When you do the legwork to find a home, their job gets easier and you save money.  Everybody wins!

Take Control of Your Home Purchase
to Reduce Commission Fees

Real Estate Commissions
The Infamous 6% Commission
It is a myth that commission fees are fixed at 6% and non-negotiable. Jason's House helps you get back a portion of these funds.
Our Agents Will Share With You
At Jason's House, our agents will tell you upfront the amount of their commission they are willing to give back to you. This is a commission rebate.
Get Your Money at Closing
The amount you are due will show up on the official HUD-1 settlement statement you sign at closing. No waiting for a check in the mail; it directly reduces your closing costs.